Chara Sits When He Pees, Tony Romo Plays Basketball & Hulkster At Rays Game

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Nothing gets the blood flowing in the morning than Flyers fan saying BC doesn’t have credibility and that I’m lazy and not a “journalist”.

Credibility: Don’t give a shit. I think that has been proven. I’m here to entertain you guys while you work jobs you hate. I still stand by, “If you don’t like BC, don’t visit.”

Lazy: I usually “work” 14 hour days.

Journalist: I used to work in the newspaper business. BC was started to get out of that business. We’re not journalists. Journalists work at the New York Times and Time.

The @Angels want you to know:

According to , at 34 years and 96 days, Pujols is the third youngest player in ML history to hit 500 home runs.

Have a good day.