Chara Sits When He Pees, Tony Romo Plays Basketball & Hulkster At Rays Game

You wouldn't say that to his face


Nothing gets the blood flowing in the morning than Flyers fan saying BC doesn’t have credibility and that I’m lazy and not a “journalist”.

Credibility: Don’t give a shit. I think that has been proven. I’m here to entertain you guys while you work jobs you hate. I still stand by, “If you don’t like BC, don’t visit.”

Lazy: I usually “work” 14 hour days.

Journalist: I used to work in the newspaper business. BC was started to get out of that business. We’re not journalists. Journalists work at the New York Times and Time.

The @Angels want you to know:

According to , at 34 years and 96 days, Pujols is the third youngest player in ML history to hit 500 home runs.

Have a good day.

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