Bills Cheerleaders File Lawsuit Over Treatment, Dunk Tank Money [Evidence]




The trend of NFL cheerleaders suing teams and handlers over state and federal employment laws has hit the Buffalo Bills. The Jills, the team’s cheerleaders have filed a lawsuit that alleges instances where the ladies were not paid for services performed, including “things” that went on an an annual golf tournament.

Deadspin has the allegations about cheerleaders being told how to wash their intimate areas. We’ll just stick to the golf tournament allegations since we posted about the 2010 tournament and have photos of what went on.

According to the lawsuit:

A. The Jills Annual Golf Tournament–Select Jills were required to wear a bikini, and then go into a dunk tank, where they were dunked in water by the golf tournament participants. Jills cheerleaders are also “auctioned off” like prizes at this event, and had to ride around with the winning bidder in his golf cart for the duration of the tournament. While serving as a “bought person” they were subjected to additional demeaning treatment, including degrading sexual comments and inappropriate touching. Oftentimes, the Jills were forced to sit on participants’ laps because there was not enough seats in the golf carts. The golf tournament also featured a “Flip for Tips” component, wherein participants paid gratuities to watch select Jills do backflips and acrobatics for the gratification of the crowd. (The Jills did not receive any of the tip money).

What I wrote in 2010:

At the 11th hole at this year’s bash the ladies introduced an instant fan favorite – a dunk tank and DJ spinning tunes. Yep, the horny 52-year-old car salesmen, advertising execs and insurance salesmen weren’t there for the golf.

Of course the other usual favorites, such as auctioning off cheerleaders to be caddies, were still part of the fun this past weekend. But the real highlight was trying to sink a bikini-wearing 20-something who’ll be rethinking this cheerleading gig by Week 7.

And just to back me up, this video of the 2010 tournament is still available.

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