Katherine Webb-AJ McCarron Engagement Photos

I’m just now seeing these photos of Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron getting engaged because Dee Dee Bonner blocked Busted on Twitter. Oh well. I’ve been one of Dee Dee’s biggest supporters and she took such a drastic measure. I’m not sure why, but we’ll move on.
By now you know that Webb-McCarron are doing the reality wedding thing so there will be little drips of stuff to keep you wanting more leading up to the July 11 wedding at an undisclosed location.
AL.com caught up with the engagement photographer for a full report on this huge moment in Alabama history:

Reynolds remembers that AJ McCarron stopped by The Beach Club to make sure everything was set up just as he wanted it, but some things did have to change.
“It was ugly that day weather-wise. The proposal had to be done under the balcony,” Reynolds said.
But even with the change, Reynolds said Webb’s reaction was priceless and there were tears.
“Very sweet and you can tell they are very much in love with each other,” Reynolds said.

I’d hope they were in love with each other because the hard stuff is coming up: Managing a modeling career and AJ’s career holding a play chart for the Browns.
Imagine for a minute McCarron and Webb being shipped off to Cleveland to live the next 3-4 years as a newlywed couple. Nothing will test a new marriage like being stuck with each other through a Cleveland winter and another losing season. God speed, kids.


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