Britt McHenry Interviews Mantle, Columbus Ice Girls & Travis Snider’s Eye


morning twitpics

Finally, a punch that landed in a baseball fight. Lesson: You don’t want to fuck with Martin Maldonado during a baseball fight.

Yes, I watched the Mempis-OKC game last night, breaking my own rule of not paying attention to the NBA Playoffs until May 30. I had the TV on TNT while I was working on a new athlete house for sale and caught Kevin Durant’s four-point play. The funny part is that OKC lost and now the four-point play doesn’t mean anything. Sad.

Odds to win the NBA title, as of Monday morning, thanks to @RJinVegas:

Odds: Mia +175; SA +250; OKC +350; Ind 10/1; LAC 12/1; Nets, GS 20/1; Hous 25/1; Port 30/1, Chi 40/1 – via

Ahh, isn’t this golden age of the NBA great.

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