Jalen Rose & Ice Girls, Kaner Sits To Pee & Jesus Getting Arrested

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Hate the NHL all you want, but you have to admit that the NHL puts on a show once the playoffs start. There was a flasher in St. Louis. Jesus showed up to the Bruins game. A Bruins fan had his finger rammed up his nose during a Mike Babcock interview. The Blue Jackets got the franchise’s first ever playoff victory. Montreal (up 3-0 on Tampa Bay) will make it to the 2nd round.

These are positives for the league.

I also can’t forget the NBA. Kudos to TNT for having Craig Sager’s son interview Popovich during yesterday’s game. You might’ve heard that Sager is undergoing treatment for leukemia. You all know how much we love Craig Sager around here. The guy is one of us. Like drinking at Hooters. Gets hammered. Enjoys life.

From @EliasSports:

Ted Williams made his debut 75 years ago [Sunday] in a game that included 10 future Hall of Famers.