I’m Still Trying To ID Troy Aikman’s Girlfriend


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Thanks to an anonymous tipster for sending word today that Troy Aikman allowed someone to photograph his girlfriend out and about with the legend. That’s her on the left.

According to the tipster:

I think that is Melanie Foster, but I’m not sure. She is a model in Dallas. Although last I heard she was married however she wouldnt be the first women to leave her husband/fiance for Tro. He has a reputation for being a bit of a homewrecker.

I asked around and apparently Melanie and her husband Craig got divorced, but no one would say if she was dating Troy. Bit if that isn’t here then it’s her freaking doppelganger.

Homewrecker? Aikman? I’ve never heard that.

As for this Melanie Foster lead, can anyone confirm this? It’s not like I won’t enjoy Easter if we don’t solve this mystery tonight. It’s just driving me crazy that Aikman is parading a blonde around Dallas and she hasn’t been identified. It’s time to salute this chick for stealing Troy’s heart.

Let us know.


Earlier leads:

troy-aikman-dinner-date-lead screen-shot-2014-04-03-at-11-44-52-am troy-aikman-girlfriend

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