Peyton About To Slay Oklahoma State Sorority Girls





Not as awkward as Nick Saban posing with the Alabama gymnastics team, but it’s still awkward to see Oklahoma State sorority girls going all sorority girl on Peyton Manning.

From what I can tell, Peyton was in Stillwater for some speaking engagement when the girls wanted to get handsy.

Before I forget: 2, 3, 1, 4.

According to the boring local media, Peyton gave a speech on how to be a game changer.

“He seems like an all-around, stand-up guy, and I think that’s why a lot of us came,” McGee said. “I think he proved that in his speech.”

The contract between Manning and the OSU Student Government Association Speaker’s Board indicates Manning received $105,000 for the speech. The large figure caused some controversy at OSU, and Jon Gill, a secondary education sophomore, said he doesn’t think it was worth it.

The speech lasted 25 minutes. Quick math: $4,200 per minute.




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