Hottest Ladies of Fox Sports 1




ESPN has owned the sports entertainment market for quite some time. The market is so saturated with ESPN that a simple journalist can make an opinion turn into a fact simply by speaking. If ESPN were to take over the world, it would not surprise us one bit. Luckily, Fox Sports saw this coming and intervened.

In August of 2013, Fox Sports began programming on their brand spanking new channel, Fox Sports One. Since then, it has been a battle for the top in sports television. Fox Sports One has not quite taken down the monster that is ESPN but if they continue to steal away their talent, see Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson, it will not be long before the lead is handed to the Fox team.

We believe that Fox Sports One will one day rule the sports world and defeat ESPN. We even found proof. If you want to see, just go ahead and dive into the ladies of Fox Sports One. That should prove what ESPN is up against.

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