Taylor Swift’s Legs In Jorts, Cromartie Gets Lap Dance & Sheridyn Fisher!


daily dump

Tonight on the Golf Channel you get part three of the Arnold Palmer documentary. Or you can count the fans sitting in the expensive Yankees Stadium seats during the Cubs game. Or you can watch Knicks-Nets on TNT. It’s going to be a huge sports night.


Taylor Swift in jorts for you freaks

Cromartie gets lap dance from mini Rihanna

Saban throws first pitch & it’s smoke

Orioles ditch shaving cream for real postgame pies

Foam party causes AHL to postpone game

Best of NFL Player Logos (don’t miss Mark Sanchez)

Best of Topless Models in Jeans

Trust Me: Sheridyn Fisher

Greatest Walk-Off Steal Of Home I’ve Ever Seen

Sandwich Porn of the Day

Picture 1

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