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College Outfielder Makes Dramatic Catch…Watch Out For The Fence! [UPDATE]

Picture 1




From the video uploader:

RF Chuck Gasti with a diving catch with bases loaded to preserve the California (PA) 4-0 lead over Mercyhurst in Game 2 of the PSAC Doubleheader.

It doesn’t look like Chuck got his arm stuck in the fence because you can see him raise his glove to show the ump that he held on. Collarbone injury?

I tried to check his Twitter account for details, but it’s locked. We’ll never know.


Chuck sent us an email to clarify the fence situation. It was his leg that was stuck.

I had a 99.9% identical play from 3 years ago which resulted in a broken knee-cap and a pretty busted up knee. The only difference between the two plays was concrete last time and a 4-inch gap below the fence this time. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I was not injured on the play!


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