Wayne Gretzky Selling California Dump With Decent Pool – $10.5 Million




And here I thought Wayne Gretzky would live in a nicer house. Are you in the market for a five bedroom, six bedroom house in Westlake Village, California? Wayne’s trying to unload his dump for $10,500,000. Yeah, the pool is nice, but the rest of the place isn’t that great. The big selling point here is that Paulina used to sleep here before she shacked up with Dustin Johnson.

According to his realtor:

Some estates are so exceptional that it merely leaves you breathless from the very first footstep of the front door. 129 Hampstead Court is that property. Each and every square inch of the interiors were composed with architectural integrity and refinement, passion and emotion. Rare is a home built with such consideration. Interplay of decadent textures and clean lines are highlighted by natural light that beams through high soaring windows and doors.

Mmmmm, juicy.

And you’ll never talk to your neighbors, never sit on the front porch and wave to the kids playing in the streets and never be able to throw a classic kegger at the pool house. The place pretty much sucks.

Real Highlights of Wayne’s Boring Mansion:

• Nice rose bushes around the pool

• 4-car garage

• Great views of a California hill

10 miles from Whole Foods

25 miles from Spearmint Rhino

Mortgage: About $41,000 a month

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