Lindsey Duke Working On NFL Draft Tan



While the rest of you losers were working your asses off for the man, #1 NFL Draft pick Lindsey Duke was busy working on her tan in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. That would be on a beach just south of Daytona.

Imagine this life for a minute. Your boyfriend is about to become a millionaire and you don’t really need to worry about much other than perfecting your tan and looking hot for the NFL Draft. That’s it.

That means you hit a beach on a Monday afternoon because it’s your job to be on that beach.

Based on 2013 NFL Draft numbers, if Blake Bortles goes in the top four, he’ll likely receive a four-year deal worth somewhere around $20 million. Todd McShay released his fourth mock draft today and has Bortles going to Cleveland with the fourth pick.

Wait until Lindsey Duke goes to Put-In-Bay for the first time. She’s going to fall in love with the beach.

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