2014 MLB Sexy Superfans




April is the month of fun. School is almost over, work is getting done, and baseball is just beginning. April is the time of year we love to drop everything and go to the ballpark. Do you know how many people call in sick on April 1st each year? Billions. (Don’t look it up, just go with it)

Of all those people that head down to Fenway or Wrigley, a lot of them are fans. They aren’t bandwagon fans, they are just fans. Then there are the Superfans. The people that quit their job to make a road trip. The same people that get Yankees tattooed on their forehead. Superfans are a different breed of fandom.

Inside the world of Superfans, there are a percentage of super sexy ones. Oh don’t you worry, we have them all just for you. Enjoy the Superfans that make Major League Baseball even better.

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