Dublin, Ireland Bar Gets Ballsy With Rory McIlroy Masters Beer Special




Where do I go with this one? Do I destroy a Dublin, Ireland pub for having a Rory McIlroy Masters drink special on Coors Light? Or do I destroy these cheap bastards for only taking 10 cents off the price of a pint for every shot Rory is under par?

The guy was -1 through 14 holes. Yep, easy math. $5 Coors pints are $4.90 right now while Rory plays. INSANE DEAL! DRINK UP, BOYS.

Rory’s best finish in his Masters career:

Picture 2


Sure, if you were drinking on this deal in 2011, you wouldn’t been saving a few pennies over the first three rounds and then came the collapse. Abberly Court should be completely embarrassed by this beer special.

And if you’re in Dublin, Ireland and drinking Coors Light, you’re a loser.



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