San Francisco Cop Chokes Giants Fan Who’s Already Handcuffed

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This is from last night’s D-backs-Giants game where one fan recorded a San Francisco cop with an interesting choke hold on an already handcuffed Giants fan.

According to the uploader:

Here’s the 2nd Half of the video. We were walkin around at the game & seen this kid who was already in handcuffs & wasn’t resisting arrest being choked out by this cop. Granted he was talkin back to the cop. But this cop must of been in a bad mood. Cause he tried his hardest to try and put this kid to sleep. But couldn’t. His partner was even lookin at him like “damn, is all that necessary?”.

The interesting part here is that super cop’s fellow cop doesn’t jump in to help him. I’m obviously not a cop, but I’ve watched hundreds of Cops episodes and if a cop is having trouble with a punk, his fellow cops jump in. You know the drill. It’s like there’s a fumble on the play and all the cops jump on the criminal.

Not here. His partner just watches. Very, very interesting.