JaMarcus Russell Sighting – Biggin’ Enjoying Outback Steakhouse Meal

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By now you guys know that I get pretty excited when there is a JaMarcus Russell sighting. I’m still amazed this guy fleeced the Raiders for around $40 million and got seven wins out the guy. That’s slightly better than the four wins the Chargers got out of Ryan Leaf, but I can’t track him since he’s sitting in a Montana jail.

So Russell was spotted over the weekend by @ShelbyAnnMyers enjoying some fine dining.

She reports:

Sitting across from JaMarcus Russell at Outback Steakhouse. I know he’s from Mobile but I’m fan-girling major. My heart dropped!

Outback? A #1 overall slumming it at Outback? That’s a helluva drop off from the NFL days.

It does, however, Look like he’s still on top of his watch and chain game. So that’s good news.

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