Blake Bortles & Lindsey Duke Still Going Strong




Here I thought Blake Bortles might big time Lindsey Duke and run off with some 11 he met out on the road to becoming the first quarterback taken in the NFL Draft. Nope. The guy has remained loyal to Lindsey and the two were even able to get away last week for a quick Clearwater Beach getaway between NFL obligations for the soon to be millionaire.

“Always a good time with this guy,” Duke wrote on Instagram last night about the Street Fighter photo.

Imagine this chick’s life. The first time I ever posted her on BC she was waitressing and getting into bikinis for Facebook photos. It was 2012. Now her boyfriend is about to get #1 overall money if the Texans go the quarterback route. He’ll be visiting with the Texans for a workout on April 15-16.

Now is the time for Duke to do what it takes to solidify the relationship. You don’t post anything stupid to Twitter or Instagram. Toe the line. Don’t piss off Blake’s agent or family.

Remain calm. Smile.


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