LEGO Fenway Park Took Just 450 Hours To Build [VIDEO]


The Boston Red Sox played at Fenway Park on Friday for the first time since winning the 2013 World Series in October. Survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing presented the team with their championship rings prior to the team’s scheduled game against the Brewers.

Along with Wrigley Field, Fenway best represents a bygone area of old baseball stadiums. Baseball fans around the world hold a certain reverence for the park, but they don’t compare to the dude at Legoland Windsor in England who spent 450 hours designing and building a 12 square foot replica of Fenway (above). LEGO Fenway contains 28,000 bricks and weighs 68 pounds.

Poor guy. He probably hates baseball now, or, worse, he’s become a Yankee fan.

The LEGO Fenway Park will be a part of the LEGO Boston skyline on display at Legoland Discovery Center in Boston beginning on May 23.

We assume they’ll attach LEGO beards onto figures Gomes, Napoli and Papi by then.

[H/T: Cut4]

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