Bobby Knight Was Pissed Off At The NIT

Pissed off Bobby Knight NIT


So you thought Bobby Knight would be happy to be at the NIT Final Four because it marks the end of another year of college basketball and he can go back to shooting birds or whatever he does during the summer.

Nope, the guy was just as pissed off as he’s been since we started documenting pissed off Bobby Knight not smiling for photos.

This dickhead, who has gone on record supporting the college kids in their quest to get degrees and not go to the NBA, can’t even give the camera a smile. The players/fans are so excited to meet a legend and then the legend ruins the photo by being a dickhead. The kid on the right is Jaron Blossomgame, an unpaid college basketball player just trying to make memories to tell his grandchildren.

Stay happy, Bob.

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