Troy Aikman Had Dinner With Chick Who Isn’t Sandra Bullock [UPDATE]



There was a rumor in late December from the National Enquirer that Troy Aikman and Sandra Bullock, who once dated, were getting back together. The rumor didn’t really go anywhere until later in January when a few minor sites picked it up and sorta ran with the news.

Flash-forward to March 25 when @D_Edz was out to dinner and spotted the Fox broadcaster chatting it up with an unidentified blonde. That definitely doesn’t look like Bullock.

Is that former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Abigail Klein, a chick Aikman had been spotted with in 2012 outside some trendy L.A. restaurant? No clue. Is it just some hot blonde that Aikman has landed because he’s loaded, cute and connected? More than likely.

Is that his personal assistant? Maybe.

Is he about to show her his insane mansion? Likely.

Do we know anything else here? Not at all.

Have intel on who this blonde is? Let us know.

And then there is this from last night. Doesn’t look like Bullock.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.44.52 AM


Update: This photo is from March 8 in the Mike Modano suite at American Airlines Center. Who recognizes that chick?


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