Tipster: Detroit Pistons Might've Been Smoking Weed In Indy Hotel

Would you be shocked if I told you I received an alert from a BC tipster that someone from the Detroit Pistons organization might’ve been smoking weed in an Indianapolis hotel? The Pistons were in town on Wednesday for a game against the Pacers and were reportedly staying at the Conrad, a five-star luxury hotel.
Here’s what we were told about the incident from the tipster:

Stayed next to several players rooms and management rooms. Security recieved several calls about a bad smell. Said it came from there rooms.

Wouldn’t confirm on who or what, but only nba teams stay there, and he said someone from det was having a cheech & Chong moment in the room

Anonymous if anything please haha, not trying to gain attention over here. Ive smelled some shit, gotta say tonight the hotel reeked!!

Always funny to actually see this shit happen or atleast so security says.

As for the game, Indy got a 101-94 victory.
Were you staying at the Conrad on Tuesday or Wednesday? Were you overcome by weed smell at the Conrad? Can you add anything to this weed mystery?
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