Final Four All About The D, Giant At Hooters & Kentucky Fans Going Nuts

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Thought I’d get my Final Four picks in today just to get this out of the way. Give me Florida and Kentucky in the championship and Kentucky winning it all.

I know you guys are sick of Kentucky and winning. However, I’m basing these Final Four picks on how it will benefit Busted. UK winning it all means the Lexington p0lice scanner will lose its goddamn mind. That’s good for BC business. I’m all for that. Kentucky fans equal pageviews. Pageviews equal dollars. Dollars equal I pay my house payment. See where I’m going here?

I have nothing against UConn, Florida or Wisconsin. There is some belief that a Wisconsin title would lead to insanity in Madison. I just don’t think they can beat Florida.

And I need Florida in the title game because Kentucky fans will get extra jacked to win a title over a hated SEC rival.

Busted Coverage‘s pick: Kentucky, National Champions.

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