What Is Maria Sharapova Analyzing?




Maria Sharapova showed up this week on a Cancun beach, and here I am trying to remember the last time she was in a bikini on Busted. It has been a long time.

Solid 8.5.

Look, if Maria Sharapova was on the beach and you walked by her, she would be a hot chick like you’ve seen thousands of times in Cancun. We’re not talking 10 level like so many guys want me to believe. The tennis boobs are serviceable. You take Adriana Lima’s rack and throw it on Sharapova and you have a 10. The rest of the body is flawless.

I know there will be 15-20 guys who’ll bitch about Maria needing to eat a burger. These guys are also fools. One minute they want her to look insane on a tennis court, the next minute they’re bitching about the bikini photos.



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