Some Texans Cheerleaders Rode A Mechanical Bull At A Houston Bar [VIDEO]


If you’re a regular BC reader, you know that we are totally in the tank for the Houston Texans Cheerleaders. The HTC constantly redefine the NFL cheerleading game.

The off-season is no different; the HTC keep delivering.

Last Saturday, two of the Texans Cheerleaders, Lesha and Caitlyn, appeared at Whiskey River in Houston to help spread the word about the upcoming HTC tryouts on Saturday (Houston Methodist Training Center; 5 p.m. on April 5).

Lesha and Caitlyn rode the bar’s mechanical bull, because that’s what you do when you never stop entertaining the fans. Watch the clip above for more.

The HTC intensified its tryout publicity blitz this week, making stops at TV, radio and other media outlets. We’re not sure how the 2014 HTC squad will improve on its greatness from 2013, but we’re not asking any questions:

Photos: @TexansCheer

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