ARod Keeping Busy, Yankees Wedding & Bo Ryan Throwing Gang Sign


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The SEC gets three teams into the tournament and two make the Final Four. I will continue to preach that the SEC has the best unpaid athletes in college sports. Just an unreal league. It takes Jameis Winston ending up at Florida State for the SEC BCS run to end. Then, the experts spent months trashing SEC basketball as a horrible basketball league. What does that matter if your league wins the national title?

Hate them all you want, nobody does college sports – across all sports – like these SEC schools. Will the SEC impress you with academics? Not really. Like that matters when your league is a professional sports feeder league.

From @RJinVegas:

World Series favorites: LAD 6/1; StL 8/1; Det 9/1; Wash 10/1; Bos 13/1; NYY, TB 14/1; Tex 18/1; LAA 20/1; Oak 21/1; Atl 22/1

Take the Cardinals, sit back and relax and cash your ticket in October/November.

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