Barry Bonds & Animal Control Officer Are Buddies

Barry Bonds seems really happy to be back in baseball and helping out the San Francisco Giants this spring. Maybe he’s also grateful to be away from the wild animals ransacking his Beverly Hills estate.
Wildlife control specialist Jeremy Bailey is the owner of Animal Capture Wildlife Control in Los Angeles. Think of him as “The Skunkinator” (as he tags some of his posts) :

“I specialize in raccoon removal, opossum removal, and skunk removal from homes in the Los Angeles area. NO KILL COMPANY!”

Bailey posted the photo above of him and Bonds to his Twitter on Thursday. Earlier this month, Bailey blogged about how cool Bonds was on the eight trips Animal Capture made to the $25 million home of baseball’s all-time HR leader.
From the post:

“…I have to say the best part was (Bonds) was such a caring and genuine person. From day one he invited me in his home to show me photos on his computer of the wildlife he was having problems with. I was still in shock that I was sitting with him and having such a great conversation.
Usually when I am doing jobs for celebrities they have their estate manager contact me when an animal was in the trap, but not Barry. He called me all the time and once again I was always in shock that Barry Bonds was calling me. I could never imagine Barry would be calling me and we would end up talking about all kinds of things other than my work.
I have done about eight jobs for him now and I have to say I am sad to see him move, but happy to see him back with the Giants….”

The Bonds post is tagged in regard to possums and skunks. If there is a God, somewhere a picture exists of Bonds and Bailey sipping Amstel Lights and chatting about the 1990s while a skunk or possum is trapped in a cage in the background.
In another blog post, Bailey hinted he will soon be featured on a reality show about his work. Let’s hope the show captured a “What’s up?” casual call from Bonds.

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