Raiders Owner Mark Davis' Head Looks Like…? [PHOTOS]

The NFL league meetings began in Orlando on Monday. Player personnel rumors headlined most of the day’s coverage (because no owner wants to answer questions about Jim Irsay, Ray Rice or Mark Cuban’s outlandish prediction).
Oakland Raiders‘ owner Mark Davis wasn’t about to let the meetings go by without making some news about possibly moving the franchise (back to Los Angeles) and potentially signing an NFL outcast (Richie Incognito).
Mind you, this isn’t 1980, 1994 or 2004, but the storylines around the formerly great NFL franchise remain almost exactly the same as they were 10, 20 and more than 30 years ago.
Davis also theorized why the team’s embarrassing signing — and then jettisoning — of “injured” offensive lineman Rodger Saffold became a big news item:

NFL owners are an eccentric bunch, but is there any possible way that Davis’ colleagues take him remotely seriously? Between the state of the franchise both on and off the field and his haircut, they have to feel like this is Al punking them from beyond the grave.

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