Hoodie Was Also Wearing Flip-Flops At Pitt-Florida Game




Of course you saw Hoodie wearing the Gators visor at Saturday’s Pitt-Florida game while his girlfriend Linda Holliday looked lovely like always. As if that wasn’t bro enough from Belichick, we’ve also discovered that he was wearing flip-flops with that vacation look.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, wears the visor and flip-flops with jeans and button up at 61 years old like Bill. How do you think he got that hot 50-year-old girlfriend? They’ve been together for seven years.

Bill is in Orlando for the NFL owners’ meetings, which got started today with the annual coach photo that Bill didn’t show up for. Guess he was at the pool applying SPF 20 to Linda’s shoulders.

[via @ericjfeinstein]

Best of Bill & Linda:

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