Manziel Catches Game With Arian, Kristine Leahy’s Nail & Bikini Madness Picks

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I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Played baseball at Kettering Fields. Swam at the pool owned by Mike Schmidt’s parents. Played soccer in the Warrior Tournament, including on the fields at Wright-Pat and on Rip Rap Rd. I’ve been to the University of Dayton Arena too many times to count.

I’ve never been to an Ohio State basketball game. Ever.

So deep down yesterday was all about UD. It was about growing up and watching the 1990 team make it to the second round of the NCAA tournament. It was about watching UD basketball on Channel 7 on Saturday nights before ESPN carried 300 games on a weekend. It was about tradition of going to UD Arena with my dad to either watch the Flyers or high school tournament games.

Those of you outside of Dayton have no idea what Thursday’s win meant to UD fans. They’ll be talking about that win for generations. It seems trivial that a first round game (yes, I know what the NCAA calls it) could mean so much until you understand Dayton basketball history.