New Coach Bruce Pearl Goes Nuts With Auburn Fans [VIDEO]

Bruce Pearl is back in the SEC. Pearl, the ESPN college basketball analyst who was fired as head coach from the University of Tennessee in 2011 for lying to the NCAA, was hired by Auburn on Tuesday.

More than 100 fans greeted the charismatic and often audacious Pearl at the Auburn airport. True to form, the coach got off the plane and went HAM right into the crowd of Auburn students and fans (above).

Unfortunately for Pearl, he won’t be able to dive into recruiting with the same zeal. Under his NCAA show-cause penalty incurred at Tennessee, he cannot recruit or evaluate players until Aug. 24.

We can’t wait until the first time Pearl and Charles Barkley go out for beers.

Bruce Pearl starting it off right

— Sam (@samrichardson34) March 18, 2014

Another amazing/typical Bruce Pearl image from today, via USATSI (h/t @ekaycbs)

— Matt Norlander (@MattNorlander) March 18, 2014

[H/T: @Aubielicious