Jim Irsay Arrest Video

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Poor Jim Irsay.

The local Indianapolis lap dog – *cough* columnist Bob Kravitz – now says he figured Jim Irsay had a huge drug problem and that Jim needs serious help to save his life.

In a twisted way, Jim Irsay’s friends have been praying for this day. They’ve been praying for the day when he’d reach rock bottom and be forced to come to terms with a drug problem that he’s battled for some time.

“He’s a sick, sick man,” one source told me. “He desperately needs help.”

So through an anonymous tip to the cops if you’re that worried about Irsay.

So why didn’t you write it?

That’s a fair question. But it’s much like the baseball players during the steroid era. Suspicions cannot be the basis for news stories. My feeling all along has been, “Unless he gets arrested for drugs, or acts erratically in a public setting while obviously under the influence, it will remain nothing more than an educated guess.”

Wait, above you said that friends knew he was a complete mess. Now you say it was just an educated guess? Can’t have it both ways, Bobby.

According to Forbes, Jim Irsay is worth $1.6 billion with much all of that wealth a direct result of the Colts.

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