Penn State Fans: Buy John Cappelletti’s 1981 Ford Bronco – $22,900



Are you a Penn State homer? Are you trying to remember the good days of the program before Jerry Sandusky was doing his thing? Are you trying to remember the days when the team played in bowl games? Are you trying to remember what it was like to be a national power?

Plunk $22,900 down on John Cappelletti’s 1981 Ford Bronco. You’ll start remembering.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cappelletti, he won the 1973 Heisman Trophy and Paterno once said that John was “the best football player I ever coached.”

Now you can own his Bronco. Pretty cool, eh?

According to the listing:

John’s car was hand selected by him after owning a lot of different cars including Corvettes, Camaro’s and Eldorado’s in the 70’s.  John had just started his Family in 1980 and a year later it was time to get something to transport his soon to be growing family.  He had just started playing for the Chargers after playing for the Rams for six years.  He was living in Huntington Beach and walked into Sunset Ford to order his new Bronco.

Twenty-Seven Years and some 155K miles of family entertainment justified a complete ground-up restoration. John is the consummate car guy for sure and when he puts his stamp of approval on a classic, you can be sure it is nothing but the highest quality example.  John’s attention to detail is all over this superbly built 4X4 motoring gem.  It has been restored and sorted to perfection and will drive, handle and ride with the best of the best restorations.  Close to $40K and a lot of personal attention was spent restoring this vehicle to better than new condition.

John was a part owner in a Classic Car Business during the time that he restored this vehicle and the work performed was done by some of the best restoration people in the business.