Bill Belichick Remembered Anniversary With Girlfriend During Free Agency

Bill Belichick Remembered Anniversary With GF During Free Agency


Just when you think that Bill Belichick is so busy with the free agency period, fretting over whether to release Vince Wilfork and figuring out how to use Revis, Hoodie goes out and makes sure his girlfriend Linda Holliday has flowers for their anniversary.

The guy isn’t as big of a jerk as you think.

Linda thinks he’s pretty romantic, according to her IG account.

Seven years together & he remembers even at his busiest time of the year! #luckyme #redroses #Anniversary ❤️❤️Luv my Guy!!!

Seven years and still not married. Think about that for a minute. Think about how in control Bill is over everything. Bill knows he doesn’t have to get married to be happy. Linda knows she’s got a keeper. Bill keeps the flame lit with flowers and trips to the Super Bowl. Linda keeps things interesting by staying in bikini shape.

Deep down you know this guy is a complete genius.

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