BC Reviews: Tracks Collegiate Headphones by Sol Republic

What? Tracks Collegiate Headphones by Sol Republic
What the hell is it? High-quality on-ear headphones that can be “remixed” (their clever line) with your favorite college logos and colors. Made by Sol Republic, these phones compete with Beats by Dre (curious fact: the founder of Sol Republic is the son of the guy who owns the company that makes Beats…),  offering good sound quality for $130 (actually a decent price for high-quality phones), and the buckets slide off the headbands, which are interchangeable/customizable and virtually indestructible (to quote a friend, “these wouldn’t break even if my fat ass stepped on them”), so you can use them as portable speakers, which is cool for travel. They also come with a 3 button mic and music control so you can adjust the volume, pause/resume/skip music and answer phone calls.  And, sports fans, they’re now available with your favorite college team’s logos and colors!
Yeah, but do I really need it? If you’re looking for high-end ‘phones, want ‘em to double as speakers, tend to break shit and need a durable headband, care about color coordination (ahem), and/or you think overpaying for Beats is stupid (after all, Dr. Dre never really went to medical school), then these are for you. And, they’re now available with your favorite college team’s logos and colors!
Will chicks dig it? Depends. Sporting these phones says, “I’m cool, fiscally conservative, and I LOVE THE TIDE!” That would probably work on SEC chicks, who are notoriously trickable.
Easy to use? Umm. They’re headphones. If you can’t use them, well…then you probably shouldn’t wear collegiate headphones.
Conclusion: They sound good, are comfortable, you can take the buckets off and use ‘em as speakers, the headbands are interchangeable (“they’re not just headphones, they’re a musical lifestyle choice!”) and nearly indestructible. Not bad. College logo? Sure. I’ll wear mine with pride when Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes beat Saban’s Tide in this year’s national championship game.
Find your collegiate team at the Sol Republic site. Retail $129.99.
Alabama Tracks Collegiate Headphones by Sol Republic

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