NFL Long Snapper Mike Leach Wants To Help Your Kid Take A Dump


Arizona Cardinals‘ long snapper Mike Leach spends a lot of his time squatting with the intent of a release. What other NFL player is better positioned to help your child learn how to take a dump on the potty than he is? (Certainly not Osi Umenyiora.)

Leach and his wife, Julie, have created Potty Pals – a reward-driven potty training system that they devised after struggling to get their second child to go number two.

The Leaches were among several current and former NFL players attending the NFL Consumer Products Boot Camp in Baltimore earlier this week.

How does their system work? Glad you asked:

• “Pals” take children step-by-step through the potty training process in an adorable, colorfully illustrated book.

• Once the children successfully use the potty, they become part of the Potty Pals Club and are instructed to squeeze their stuffed animal “Pal’s” hand. Their “Pal” will then sing and dance for them!

• A training chart with stickers, that helps the children keep track of their progress, is also included.

• Pals include Lexi Lion, Peter Panda, Katie Kitty and Dexter Doggie.

Seems like the Leaches are keeping this whole Potty Pals project on-point and very classy, especially Mrs. Leach. She probably pulled extra diaper detail during the NFL season at least one year.

Maybe they can partner with the NFL so your little ‘Yinzer can squeeze the hand of Steely McBeam when he drops his first browns off at the Super Bowl?

Yes, that's my real name.
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