Vince Young’s Broke Ass Spotted Vacationing In Cancun [Update]



Maybe Vince Young won a trip to Cancun, because his broke ass was spotted enjoying the beach life just over a month after filing for bankruptcy. Maybe he figured the only way to get focused on getting an NFL job was to get to the tropics and get his mind right.

I thought when you file for bankruptcy you sit your ass on a couch and dream about going on vacation. Not VY.

You might remember his financial situation as a messy, messy disaster:

The Chapter 11 petition, filed late last week, estimates Young’s assets between $500,001 and $1 million and liabilities between $1,001,000 and $10 million. A 2013 financial statement listed assets of Young and his wife, Candice, at $1.8 million and liabilities at $2.5 million, but an updated, detailed report has yet to be filed with the bankruptcy court.

Young, who according to the Associated Press was paid $34 million in six NFL seasons, has not appeared in a regular-season game since 2011 and was cut by the last two teams that signed him. He has spent the last two years embroiled in a pair of lawsuits stemming from a $1.8 million loan obtained in his name during the 2011 lockout that attorneys say may have been the factor that tipped him into bankruptcy.

Like the courts will care if VY spends $2k on an all-inclusive to Riviera Maya.


Update: It seems Vince had his bankruptcy canceled when he suddenly was able to settle his $1.8 million loan. It’s amazing how a guy goes from being publicly embarrassed with a bankruptcy filing to settling his debts that fast.

Did you run into Vince Young in Cancun? Did you party with VY? Tell us all about it.


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