Ken Griffey Jr. Seemed A Little Pissed Off In ESPN Interview [VIDEO]


Ken Griffey Jr. was on ESPN’s SportsCenter Wednesday afternoon to help mark the 25th anniversary of Upper Deck baseball cards. Griffey Jr.’s rookie card was THE Upper Deck card to have in 1989 (and still is, for some collectors).

ESPN anchor Linda Cohn drew the assignment to interview Griffey Jr. about Upper Deck and dove in with chipper questions. Griffey responded with terse one-word answers, as you can see/hear in the “highlight” video above from @CorkGaines and @AwfulAnnouncing.

Seems like a damn hostage situation. It’s really shocking given people usually see Griffey Jr. very jovially getting along with fans.

Other people noticed on Twitter:

[H/T: @GorkGaines]

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