Melanie Iglesias Playing With Hank The Brewers Dog Is So Cute


Of course you are aware of Melanie Iglesias (@MelanieIglesias). She’s the hot chick from MTV’s Girl Code. Anyway, she’s working with MLB and MTV, traveling around to different spring training camps and doing fun things in low-cut shirts and short shorts.

She stopped by the Brewers camp on Friday to play with that dog, Hank, that everyone is going nuts over. This has to be the luckiest stray dog in the history of stray dogs. Not only does he get MLB treatment, he gets cleav shows while playing tug of war with a 10.

Melanie tweeted:

Loved meeting Hank the #BallparkPup today!

This really is the best story out of spring training. Sure, we could sit here and talk about a guy like Derek Jeter preparing for his final season. Of course we could write about how Robinson Cano is gelling with his new teammates. And you guys wouldn’t give two shits about those posts.

There’s just something about a dog down on his luck being in the right place at the right time and getting a new lease on life and the chance to play with a bikini model.