Texans Cheerleader Promises To Go To Prom With Twitter Follower If…

We have our first “Will you go to prom with me” story of the year and it comes from Texas where a high school offensive lineman who goes by @Big_Mike_71 has asked a Texans cheerleader to the Crosby (TX) High School dance.
Caitlyn, @HTC_Caitlyn, a beautiful 20-year-old cheerleader who loves sushi, carrots and the beach says she’ll go to prom if…Big Mike can get 10,000 retweets on this tweet. As I write this, he’s at 3,300. Looks like Big Mike is right on track to have Caitlyn on his arm at the dance.
What kind of woman will he be taking to prom? According to her Texans profile, Caitlyn’s guilty pleasures are snowcones. Oh, and she wants to be a sports broadcaster.
Go help Big Mike. Retweet this.


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