Bob Knight Still Pissed Off, Dodgers Boobs & Gronk Crushin’


morning twitpics

It’s good to see Bob Knight happy last night at the Arkansas-Kentucky game. So much smile. So much happiness. Spreading college basketball cheer.

Let me ask an honest question: Why do you waste your time watching Knicks-Heat in February? Are you single? Did you stay at home last night to watch that game? Go to a mirror, look into the mirror and realize why you are single. Holy fuck. Get off your ass, get to a bar and chase tail. You’ll be able to watch the Heat in June.

From oddsmaker @RoxyLasVegas:

Might be a long summer in Chicago for baseball fans. My price on a Windy City World Series (Cubs vs Whites Sox) is 5000-1.

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

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