RG3 Staying In Shape Via Rec Basketball At Baylor

I guess the Redskins brass are cool with RG3 playing hoops against scrubs at the Baylor rec center. The guy’s knees must feel like a million dollars because I’m not seeing any braces. He told Comcast Washington that he’s in Waco to do work.

Griffin is on a working vacation on Waco. He said that he was going to do some work with Baylor strength coach Kaz Dazadi.

Interesting. The guy went from not playing a game since December 8, to playing rec basketball at Baylor in late February. Call me crazy and overly protective, but if I’m the Redskins, there is a no rec center basketball policy with the dude who wants to be our franchise quarterback.
You’re one Baylor scrub playing recklessly from your franchise going down with another ACL injury. You’re one Baylor student (Cowboys fan) scrambling for a loose ball away from falling on RG3’s shoulder.
Rob has also been doing some indoor rock climbing. No biggie. Seems like a nice activity. Basketball? So much risk for so little reward.

[via @Scott_K5]

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