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Joe Theismann Getting Swole In Tightest Shirt Ever

Former Redskins’ quarterback Joe Theismann is 64 years old. The 1982 NFL MVP’s nearly senior citizen-status hasn’t stopped him from staying chiseled, as evidenced in the picture above taken with Washington-area DJ Deejay Flow (a DJ, gourmet chef and sit down comedian!) on Tuesday.

Never mind how tight Theismann’s shirt is. Look at those guns and that beer gut! You don’t just get those things by accident; they are earned accomplishments.

When Theismann’s not golfing, pitching Super Beta Prostate and Unequal helmet padding, or offering football analysis, he still makes guest appearances. He was on the episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that followed the Super Bowl.

Here’s Theismann from Radio Row at Super Bowl XLVIII earlier this month. Can’t believe we missed him in the hotel gym.

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