Canada Freaking Out Over Ref Slamming Boy To Ice After Punk Move

So you just watched this video from a Winnipeg community rink where Brokenhead Ojibway Nation and Sagkeeng First Nation were playing a normal game. Player A chases down Player B and then slashes at his legs. The ref, obviously sensing that this could get crazy, does the right thing and grabs the player.

Now comes the outrage.

Player A, Kainen Bell, suffered a broken wrist and bruised back from the ref taking him to the ice.

Tough luck, kid.  Shouldn’t have been causing shit and the ref wouldn’t have thrown you to the ice. Of course his mom and dad are all pissed off.

The boy’s parents said they want the referee to be disciplined and criminally charged, adding that they are planning to speak to a lawyer.

“I don’t want to see any other kids being manhandled like that. No kid should be grabbed like that,” said Brenda Bell, Kainen’s mother.


And you thought American parents were the worst.

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