The Brewers Adopted Stray Dog ‘Hank’ Ran The Sausage Race [VIDEO]

Upon reaching their spring training facility in Arizona last week, the Milwaukee Brewers found a stray dog ,who had possibly been hit by a car, wandering around their Phoenix complex.

Because no dude can let an affable stray dog just get shipped to the pound (or worse), the Brewers made the dog their team mascot and named him Hank, after Milwaukee legend Henry Aaron.

Hank has kept the Brewers company in various ways this week, but on Wednesday he was able to race in the spring training version of the famous Klement’s Sausage Race (above).

Yes, Hank the Dog also wore a hot dog costume because baseball, stray dogs and giant running sausages weren’t enough to make this the most awesome story ever.

[H/T: Brewers.com]

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