Eli Manning’s Candy-Striped Shirt Game Winning The Off-Season

Eli Manning Shirt FULL

After throwing an NFL-high 27 interceptions in 2013, Eli Manning is probably playing it smart by not hanging around the New York City area this off-season. The two-time Super Bowl champ is enjoying his downtime by revisiting his college roots at Ole Miss and showing off his prep shirt game.

Horizontal candy-stripes for the win every time. Nice khakis, too.

This guy just can’t help looking like he’s 10 years old. Someone get him a Capri Sun and a Lunchable, stat. When Manning isn’t setting fashion trends or taking in an Ole Miss basketball game, he finds time to enjoy some country music like the Robert Earl Keen show at the Lyric Theatre in Oxford on Friday night.


With two Super Bowl rings, Manning doesn’t have much to worry about, even though the Giants didn’t seem interested in extending his contract this off-season. All he needs is another deep playoff run and the cash will follow.

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