NYC Strippers Sad To See Mark Sanchez Get Canned By Jets




Rex Ryan is saying all the right things in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine about Mark Sanchez. Rex says he would like for #6 to remain on the Jets roster. *Cough. You know it’s over. Rex knows it’s over. Even the strippers at Vivid Cabaret in New York City know it’s all over. When the strippers know it’s over. It’s over.

The club even released a statement overnight on how the ladies are handling the news:

The exotic dancers at the hot new strip club in midtown Manhattan, Vivid Cabaret New York, famous for its 25-foot tall main stage pole, say that NY Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez’s days as a NY Jet are numbered. “He won’t be around much longer,” predicted Vivid Cabaret Girl Janet. “Doesn’t everyone know that? Geno Smith has won the position.”

“We may have to plan a going away party for Sanchez,” cooed Vivid Cabaret Girl Cameron. “It’s a shame because I thought he looked awesome in his football uniform–he has great buns.”

“The girls here know all about football,” explained Vivid Girl Michelle. “During Super Bowl week there were so many football players here at the club, and they made it rain every night.”

“Goodbye, #6,” purred Vivid Cabaret Girl Petra. “Wish you well with your new team!”

I cannot wait to see this going away party that Cameron is talking about. This guy has been known to get naked with crazy hot chicks. You throw him in Vivid Cabaret a couple hours after he’s released and all hell may break loose. Bottles popping, Sanchez making it rain, strippers wrestling for dollars.

I’m actually booking my flight as soon as a date is announced.


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