Saints Not Happy With Company Selling ‘Who Dat?’ Casket


The New Orleans Saints have no respect for the dead, especially if the corpse is buried in a casket that has an unlicensed color scheme, fleur de lis and slogan often equated with the NFL team.

Earlier this week, the team sent a letter to custom-casket shop ‘Til We Meet Again, which has a location at the Esplande Mall in New Orleans. The shop has been selling a black casket decorated with a gold fleur de lis and the wording ‘Who Dat?’ emblazoned on its side (above).

Per, the Saints don’t approve:

Managing partner Jonathan LaHatte said he received a cease-and-desist letter Tuesday (Feb. 18) from the NFL ordering his store to stop using any fleur de lis similar to the Saints’ federally trademarked design and the black and gold color scheme on the casket, he said.

The Saints said LaHatte was supposed to modify the caskets before selling them, but he hasn’t complied:

“While we very much appreciate our fans and their support, we and the NFL always strive to protect our trademarks and our intellectual property, at least in this world, not sure about the next.” Bensel said in an email. “After seeing their recent TV ad, we sent a confirming privileged communication to their attorney offering to sit down and discuss the matter. Today, that privileged communication appeared in their press release sent to the media.”

LaHatte said the Saints pulled this legalese when trying to keep people from using the fleur de lis and the slogan on their way to the Super Bowl in 2010. He also said the team would like the company to pull the TV commercial advertising the casket (below), but he’s not doing it.

This will wind up in court, but all to the benefit of the casket shop. Even if they lose the case, the publicity has to be good for business.

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