Kate Upton Grocery Store Display, Craig Sager In High School & Sochi Blackface

Kate Upton Grocery Display, Craig Sager High School & Sochi Blackface


I’m starting to pay attention to college basketball now that we’re just a couple weeks away from conference tournaments. Syracuse looked terrible against a 6-19 Boston College team. Then I look at the SEC and a couple days ago it looked like only two teams would get into the tournament. Now Lunardi says Tennessee and Mizzou will sneak in.

So who is going to win this shit? 27-0 Wichita State?

From @RJinVegas:

Vegas opinion says Wichita St would be underdogs to around 12 teams. Pro bettor @ChuckEdel has 17 power rated ahead of them!

Did he just say 17?

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