Justin Verlander Took Kate Upton To Valentine's Dinner In $381,000 Lamborghini

How did Justin Verlander celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kate Upton? A BC tipster spotted the two at Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa Friday night enjoying the romantic evening. Oh, and Justin took Kate to dinner in the $381,000 Aventador Roadster Lamborghini he just received last week.
Our tipster says:

[They] ate dinner right by us!! I noticed her because her skirt was so short!! Didn’t realize it was her at the time.
When she walked by us, I said whoa that girls dress is suuuuper short. I didn’t realize who she was. I couldn’t pick her out of a lineup if I had to. We were so distracted by her dress we didn’t even notice if she was with someone. It wasn’t until we were on the tour of the kitchen & wine cellar, where [my boyfriend] made a comment about famous people coming there to the kid giving us the tour. He then said well actually Kate Upton & Justin Verlander are here right now. They stood in that exact spot you’re standing in. I said was she wearing a red dress?! The kid didn’t know, he didn’t give them the tour. But we asked the valet as we were leaving and he said yep she was wearing a red dress and there is Justin’s car right there.

MLive.com published a story today about Justin’s new Lambo, reporting that his car collection now includes nine amazing rides.

Verlander purchased the stylish Lamborghini from the Lamborghini of Troy dealership in Troy, Mich. and had the car shipped to Florida. It’s one of nine cars in his collection, which also features a Ferrari 458 Italia — a car he drove to camp on Tuesday.
“That, and the Ferrari, those were the cars I had on the wall when I was a kid,” said Verlander, who owned a 1993 Ford Taurus as his first car. “I’ve worked extremely hard to get where I’m at, and some of the guys here have said, ‘Hey, man, you earned that.'”

There you have it. How do you impress Kate Upton? Blow $381,000 on a car, a nice steak and a wine tour. Take notes, boys.

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