The 2014 Ultimate Guide To The Hottest NCAA Softball Players



Ever just wanted to leave the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon because you were bored out of your mind but had nothing to do or nowhere to go? If you are like us, you probably can include Fridays, too. But if this holds true to you, then why not head on down to your local college campus and attend a few softball games.

The sport itself is a blast. The games are quicker, the scoring is rapid, and the pitching is insane. These women are hurling a softball at 70 mph from a shorter distance than a baseball pitcher.

Oh, and the women that play, they are fun to look at too. In fact, some of these college hotties might end up having a career in modeling. Just in case you need some more convincing, here is the most complete list of the hottest 2014 NCAA softball players you will ever come across this year.

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